What time is it? ¿Que hora es?

This parody always makes me laugh. If you know just a few Spanish words, you will like this. The title? What time is it? If you want to learn a bit of Spanish, I have a few suggestions: Try Coffee Break Spanish podcasts. They are free and easy to understand. Learn informally by talking withContinue reading “What time is it? ¿Que hora es?”

Little House in the Big Woods

I live nearly equidistant between Abita Roasting  Company and Abita Brewing. I like having options when it comes to beverages. Neither of these fine establishments are within the tiny confines of the city limits of Abita Springs. And neither am I. I live here, in this tiny cottage on the edge of a densely woodedContinue reading “Little House in the Big Woods”

Nicaragua, Smoothies and Grace

Yesterday, I returned to Louisiana after a week’s stay in Managua, Nicaragua. I was scouting out mission and non – profit groups for further projects. It was hot. I was raised in south Louisiana, and I choose to live here now. I have spent entire days fishing in the warm waters of the Gulf ofContinue reading “Nicaragua, Smoothies and Grace”

The Gumbo Ya-Ya Premieres Today!

It’s me, the Gumbo Lady. I used to write as Madame Gumbeaux at the blog, Honduras Gumbo. I left Honduras over three years. I am living in Louisiana. I don’t think I will be around much longer in the area north of New Orleans. Something is stirring in the gumbo pot. I am ready forContinue reading “The Gumbo Ya-Ya Premieres Today!”