Livin’ la vida loca

I landed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras yesterday afternoon. After a two hour drive, I arrived at my destination, Siguatepeque. I’m going to be here three weeks for an intensive course in Spanish. I’ll write more later about Siguatepeque and language school. For now, I am just happy to be here. Odds were not inContinue reading “Livin’ la vida loca”

A Bear Named Napoleon

It’s official. We broke a record for the coldest temperatures in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Low temperatures were in the mid-teens in most of the area for the past two nights. With icy roads, staying home was just about the only option most of us had. My little house is on piers. Combined lowContinue reading “A Bear Named Napoleon”

Fodor’s No List 2018

While skimming headlines this morning,  I saw that Fodor, the travel guide, has a top 10  list of places to avoid in 2018. Honduras made the list. Since I lived in Honduras for a number of years, and I plan on returning  later this month, I thought it was worth my time to read the article. HondurasContinue reading “Fodor’s No List 2018”


No, I am not wearing short pants. It’s unseasonably cold in Louisiana. We’re having days  upon days of subfreezing night temperatures. I am speaking of short bits of information that I will write about in this space. I finished a Shutterfly book this week about my father’s family. I wrote about my family’s arrival toContinue reading “Shorts”

Caution: Be Alert, Shelter in Place

I confess. Somewhat shamefacedly, I confess to clicking on Facebook quizzes. However, I don’t publish the results. I have my standards. Just look, don’t publish.  This quiz, the word cloud, supposedly captures my most used words on Facebook. As anyone can see, Honduras is smack dab in the middle. It’s definitely in the middle ofContinue reading “Caution: Be Alert, Shelter in Place”