Yard Art

EgretThe month of May continues with cooler weather than normal. We’ve had continued bouts of mild weather. This week is no exception. It’s warm, but not hot. The humidity is low. The good weather as well as continued caution in getting out very often due to the Quarantine has led me to enjoy working in my yard more than usual.

Today, I spent a few minutes looking for my yard art. I think yard art is a Southern thing. We like to display flags, signs, or metal fashioned into all sorts of creatures to grace our yards. For some reason, I haven’t been particularly generous with displaying my yard art. The only thing that’s planted in my yard that’s not a plant is my blue heron made of metal.

The heron falls a lot. He’s developing bent feathers from falling over. He’s starting to rust. But I like my blue bird. After every thunderstorm or bout of windy weather, I find the rusty bird and stake him out again in the flower bed.

SUNI have a few other items that need to be attached to the fence outside. I need to grab my hammer and some nails, maybe later today, and attach them outside. There is a metal sun to nail to the fence. Somewhere in the shed there is a an old license plate, as well as a sign that spells LOVE in swirly green and blue letters. Then, there’s the old piece of wood with a Bible verse on it. This is, after all, the Bible belt.

Any yard in the South without yard art is just a lawn. A true Southern yard has a collection of  eccentric, whimsical pieces scattered about. Heart signMaybe it’s a wooden, painted sunflower that was a gift from Aunt Edna. Or. maybe, it’s an American flag. There’s a house nearby that has a bathtub in the front yard. It’s not for bathing. It’s for decoration, for planting a few flowers. Those old tubs in yards are not uncommon in these parts. I’ll let you know what things look like after I dig around the shed looking for my yard art, although I’m fairly sure I don’t have anything that needs plumbing to add to my yard.

8 thoughts on “Yard Art

      1. It is funny you mentioned toilets. When I lived in Salem, my brother and I replaced a toilet in the mud room. Because we were in a hurry, we put the old toilet just outside the back door. Where it sat for about two months. I probably could have restored a bit of dignity to the house had I planted geraniums in it. But I didn’t. I fear my roots were showing.


  1. I was never one for front yard art, but I really like your heron and your metal sun! You have always shown your creativity and good taste through your blog.

    All my backyard art consists of is a green glass wind chime I bought in an antique store in Oregon, a stone birdbath, a bird feeder, and a few stone figures by my plant pots.

    It must be a southern thing because here up north I have only noticed few front yards with mostly pink pelicans, and one bathtub filled with wildflowers…


    1. Just to clarify, any other “yard art” will go up on the back fence. I don’t really like stuff in the front yard. I like my heron, though. Bathtubs and pink pelicans are fine for others, but not for me.


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