The weather turned unexpectedly cool yesterday. March had been very warm in south Louisiana. Much of the month had days reaching the upper 80s, shattering records. It felt more like early summer than early spring. Then, yesterday, I woke to a morning in the 40s here on the northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain. I opened up windows, and let the cool breezes blow in. I breathed in the fresh, spring air.

These clumps of grass have small lavender blooms. Does anyone know what it’s called?

I spent a fair amount of time outdoors enjoying the mild day yesterday. I pulled up clumps of flowering grass that are threatening to overtake portions the flower beds. I don’t know the name of the plant as it was planted by the former owners of my house, but they produce precious little in way of flowers, but rather spread in large grassy clumps, crowding out my spring bulbs and rose bushes.

I wasn’t able to dislodge much of the roots. A shovel and a strong back will be needed to stop the spread. I’m hoping my yard guy is not afraid in this season of social distancing to tackle the aggressive grassy clumps. I texted him earlier this morning.

Sitting outside early this morning, drinking a cup of coffee, I breathed in the cool air once again. There was a sense of peace and calm, as traffic noise on the nearby highway has lessened considerably in the past few weeks. Some of my neighbors are home all day now, so the neighborhood is quiet.

I thought about the words from a Facebook Live message I heard last night. How am I going to use this time of an unexpected sabbatical of sorts? Do I want to fritter it away with anxious thoughts and actions? Can I dig deep and find peace? What about seeking the presence of God in the mundane tasks of the day? What good can come from this unprecedented time in our nation and world? Will I emerge with a stronger sense of purpose? That’s my hope.

I don’t want to spend my days endlessly scrolling on social media, or mindlessly filling up on snack foods or media binging on streaming shows. I want to emerge with something better. Because one day, the pandemic will pass.

I leave you with a song and lyrics. The worship song, Peace by Casey Corum ends with a chorus that enjoins us to breathe in positive attributes and breathe out negative ones.  You can find the song on YouTube.

Breathe in peace, breathe out strife,

Breathe out death, breathe in life,

Breathe in love, Breathe out hate,

Breathe out fear, breathe in faith.

6 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. I share your wish for peace of mind and soul. In the meantime, until this virus crisis passes, and God knows when it will, keep washing your hands, praying and staying indoors. BTW the picture of your bulbs coming up seems to show a fancy Southern hacienda in the background. Looks beautiful.



    1. The hacienda, or porch in southern culture, is not too fancy. There’s not much more than what the picture shows. I have room for more things. The rocking chairs are moldy. I am thinking of putting in a patio couch set and giving away the moldy rockers.


    1. We had 40s north of the lake, but New Orleans dipped only to the 50s. The lake truly makes a difference in these seasonal cool fronts. I was downright chilly while riding my bicycle this morning.


  2. Thank you for the morning thought. I was still in bed reading the newspaper when it occurred to me that I have been frittering away my time while confined to the house. At best, I have been killing time rather than using it productively.

    I have a nightly exercise when I take my medication. The containers have the day of the week embossed on them. When I pick up the day’s container, I remind myself that is one day lost in time; I will never see it again. Now, how can I better spend my next day?

    Well, here that day is. And I am wisely using it in keeping touch with people who have long been part of my digital life. For that, I am grateful.

    My prayer for you is continued peace at the center.


    1. l like the idea of using pill boxes with the day’s marked on them for something useful and meditative. I used my day to help my mother with various household duties and get her groceries for the week.


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