One Day at a Time

This morning I began my day as most days since the stay at home order for Louisiana started. I rise at 5:30, get the coffee brewing, take the dog out for a short walk, and then settle down at 6 am for a 30 minutes session with Facebook live streaming. The broadcast from my church features worship songs, a short devotional, and a group prayer time.

Then, I check the news online as well as skim Facebook for a short time. After that it’s time to take the dog out again, since she’s generally refuses to do her business outside without repeated coaxing on my part. When I get back inside, I drink the rest of my coffee and eat a bowl of oatmeal.

Everything I had been doing before this crisis has been cancelled, so I need a new routine. No more tutoring, ESL classes, nor food bank. There’s more time for reading, blogging, and cooking.

I confess that through the years since I returned from Honduras, my cooking skills have atrophied. When I lived there, I cooked occasionally for our kids’ project as well as doing most of my own cooking at home. There were few places in Honduras that had high hygiene practices in Honduras, and I seldom had a dining partner for the few nicer restaurants in town that earned my confidence.

I am doing basic cooking here now in the age of Covid-19. I have prepared, among other things, jambalaya, grilled chicken, saffron rice and steamed veggies. Thus far, I haven’t fixed a gumbo, but my mother has prepared gumbo twice in recent weeks; a seafood and okra gumbo and a chicken and sausage gumbo. I ate some of the seafood gumbo at her house.

I have mixed feelings about visiting with my mother. She is almost 87 years old. She lives alone. She doesn’t drive. I have picked up groceries for her last week, and we visited most of the day. However, I found it really tough to keep social distancing in the house. I totally failed at it actually. I suppose I will head to her house later this week, despite my misgivings.

I am debating whether to keep the foster dog at my house. Today is day eight for Daisy. She’s not responding well to my attempts to housebreak her. Most days she has at least one accident in the house. I don’t think accident is the right word, since it all seems quite natural for her to do her business on my wood floors. We’ll see how the day progresses today. I’ll make a decision soon if she can stay or not. I didn’t want this to be a forever dog, anyway. She’s too big to stay with me forever, since I don’t have a fenced yard. I can’t imagine walking her as often as she needs walking each day.

This afternoon I will take the dog out again a few times to encourage bathroom breaks. I will read a bit more on my Kindle. Right now I am reading The Great Influenza: The Story of the Greatest Pandemic in History.  The choice was quite incidental, as I had already started the book before the present pandemic became the big news story. One thing I should do is do some gardening. Spring came early to Louisiana, and the weather is now almost summer like. That means the glower beds need constant attention.

How has your life changed with the coronavirus changes? How has your life routine changed? What are you cooking in the kitchen?


9 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Your menu sounds delicious except for the okra, which I don’t consider an edible substance. Why don’t you share some recipes? My husband is cooking up a storm too, most of it very good.

    About hygiene in Honduras: We have the same misgivings when we visit one of the more “rustic” restaurants here in Mexico, which may not have running water, let alone a dishwasher with a sanitizing cycle. Even in some of the fancier restaurants the dishwashing and preparation areas are pretty primitive.

    Hey, be patient with Daisy! A week is hardly long enough to get her housebroken. Remember what I told you about getting a crate (maybe borrow one from the place where you got her?) and to praise her lavishly, with treats, when she does her thing outside. When the two of you get your act together, I’m sure you’ll be close buddies. Despite appearance, keep in mind that the things dogs want to do most is please their owners.\

    What’s the Facebook address of your church with the daily morning services?



    1. I love okra: stewed, fried, in gumbo. I am keeping Daisy in a indoor pen (larger than a kennel) when not out on our frequent excursions. So far, so good although she’s not doing much of anything outside. I suppose she’s holding out for my beautiful wooden floors. I listen to Church of the King’s devotional, which you can find on Facebook by typing in Church of the King. However, i think Seeds and Souls is probably better. I’ve enjoyed the guided meditation and centering prayer with Seeds and Souls. You can find those on Facebook, too.


      1. I just looked up Seeds and Souls Christian meditation meeting at 7 a.m. on that the one you’re talking about? Are these recorded you have to join them “live”? Mexico time that would be at 5 a.m. Thanks.


  2. I bought pasta flour yesterday, I’m making ravioli, vegan and dairy with spinach.
    I took Mom for a long drive in the country yesterday, she is 84 and does not drive. We bought groceries at an Amish country market, we were the only ones there.


  3. Cooking is one of my favorite things in life. And I have been in full swing for the last couple of years. Something that has saved me from restaurant food here.

    This weekend that came to a stop with a rather nasty bout of intestinal infection. The worst I have experienced. Things are a bit better now, but I have little desire to cook or eat. I put the ingredients to make tapioca pudding on the counter earlier this afternoon. They are still sitting there, and I am looking at the possibility of a late nap, instead.

    Discipline is highly over-rated.


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