What time is it? ¿Que hora es?

This parody always makes me laugh. If you know just a few Spanish words, you will like this. The title? What time is it?

If you want to learn a bit of Spanish, I have a few suggestions:

  • Try Coffee Break Spanish podcasts. They are free and easy to understand.
  • Learn informally by talking with native Spanish speakers.
  • Take lessons at a library or learning center. Colleges often have low-cost classes for informal learning.
  • If you know a bit of Spanish, and you are ready for the next level, News in Slow Spanish has free and paid audio lessons.


Published by YaYa Girl

Welcome to Gumbo YaYa. My writings are an eclectic blend. A Louisiana gumbo is a composite dish of roux, rice and whatever else the cook wants to add. Yaya is a Creole term for ladies all talking at the same time. The Gumbo Ya-Ya features my writing on spirituality, travel, culture, and humor. Grab a bowl of gumbo here and dig in!

5 thoughts on “What time is it? ¿Que hora es?

  1. Most people now know a bit of Spanish either because it’s almost universal due to immigration or high schoolers take it now as an easy elective. Everyone I have shared this with thinks it’s quite comical – and I haven’t shown it to any Spanish-first speakers.


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